Don’t Let a Damaged Roof Ruin Your Day

Don’t Get Ripped Off By Storm Chasers in Jacksonville, FL

With the weather heating up and hurricane season reaching its peak, roofers and other contractors will start showing up in communities up-and-down the Florida coast to offer their repair services. Managing the aftereffects of a natural disaster is a challenge in its own right, but how do you know who has the legitimate experience and who may be trying to take advantage of you? Legacy Roofing and Construction of North Florida owner James Plant says you can do a few key things to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

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A storm chaser is a transient contractor who travels to communities to solicit new business after an emergency or natural disaster. James says when you are evaluating a contractor for roof repair, you should consider the following questions:

  • Do the repair vehicles have out-of-state tags? If so, it is likely the contractor may only be in town for storm work and will not be around if your roof needs further repair. It is essential to understand who will service the warranty if problems arise later.
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured by the State of Florida to perform the storm repair work? If not, you could be liable for additional expenses to fix shoddy repair work and for accidents that occur at your home.
  • Is the contract easy to understand? A written invoice will include the company’s complete name, address, and phone number, a detailed breakdown of all products and services recommended, along with the total cost for each item, length of the warranty, and payment terms. It is essential to ask questions if you do not understand the contract. Some contractors may try to slip in cancellation or contingency fees that will make the final bill more than you are expecting to pay.
  • “We understand you may feel anxious to restore your home and life after a disaster, but it’s important to proceed with a clear head, so you make sound decisions,” James says. “Don’t feel pressured into making an immediate decision without considering the long-term impact of your decisions. Before you decide who will do your repair work, it is important to ask for written estimates, verify references and confirm your contractor is licensed to operate in Florida. A legitimate contractor will let you take all the time you need to evaluate their business.”
  • Ask for copies of License and Insurances before signing an agreement with any Roofing contractors.

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